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Tecnowatt produces heating elements used for the production of electric heaters and infrared radiant panels that use Kanthal spiraled resistive wire inserted into translucent quartz tubes. As concerns heating systems, Tecnowatt also produces heating elements made of Thermoelectric Steatite , which are described in detail in the related section.

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Our production includes standard elements with powers varying from 600 to 800 W, and predefined tube dimensions as per the following table:

Model Dimensions


Element Type A 8 x 10 x 300 mm 220V 600W
Element Type B 8 x 10 x 300 mm 220V 750W
Element Type C 8 x 10 x 300 mm 220V 800W
Element Type D 8 x 10 x 380 mm 230V 600W
Element Type E2 8 x 10 x 400 mm 230V 2x600W
Element Type F 8 x 10 x 615 mm 220V 800W
Element Type G 8 x 10 x 615 mm 220V 1000W

In addition to its standard production, Tecnowatt can supply elements with different dimensional and electrical specifications upon customer request.

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The resistances may be supplied with Faston type steel connections inserted into ceramic bushings or by means of clamps with Faston terminals for which the relative insulators are supplied for assembly onto the heaterís parabola by the customer.


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