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With thirty years of experience behind them, Tecnowatt s.r.l. produces electrical resistances with different types of technologies for household appliances, electric heaters, professional equipment for hairdressers, heating systems used in bodywork, low-energy heaters for aquariums and other minor applications.
Tecnowatt s.r.l. can supply a wide range of Quartz and Thermoelectric Steatite resistances in both standard sizes as well as on the basis of the customerís specifications with the voltages and the powers normally used for such applications.

An example of a Quartz resistance produced by Tecnowatt s.r.l.

Located in the Parmesan countryside, at the crossways of the most important communication routes, Tecnowatt s.r.l. can be easily reached from the nationís major motorways and railway lines. The new Tecnowatt s.r.l. headquarters cover a surface area of 1200 sq.m. and allows to reach even higher production levels while maintaining the high quality standards that have always characterized this company.

The new Tecnowatt s.r.l. headquarters

Tecnowatt s.r.l. company policy is based on extremely rigorous principles such as design and extreme care in the choice of materials for a final product that complies with the requisites required by the international approval and certification standards.
Attentive construction of the heating elements in both the preparation phase as well as the finishing and control phases in order to achieve an impeccable qualitative standard.Our technical department and our workshops are committed to keeping these results intact.

Product testing and controls ensure a high quality level

Punctuality and precision in delivery, close collaboration with customers to study and obtain a product that exactly suits their needs: these are the characteristics that distinguish Tecnowatt s.r.l.
Our sales department is at your complete disposal.

Close customer relations and punctual deliveries all around the world


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