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  Steatite Resistance

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Our company produces Thermoelectric Steatite resistances, used in the production of electric heaters.

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This type of product is supplied in two versions, 250 or 300 mm, and with different powers as per the following table:

Model Lenght


Element type STA 250 mm 220V 600W
Element type STB 250 mm 220V 750W
Element type STC 300 mm 220V 600W
Element type STD 300 mm 220V 750W
Element type STE 300 mm 220V 900W
Element type STF 300 mm 220V 1000W

Tecnowatt supplies these types of resistances with one type of connection system, constituted by a galvanized or nickel-plated iron clamp, perpendicular to the resistive element, which has a 6.3 mm Faston type connection on the terminal part.

In addition, the relative “plug-holder” insulators are furnished, which are required for the connection to the electric heater parabola, available in 5 different models as per the following table:

Model ID
Insulator type SS  (no ID)
Insulator type S1 (ID=1)
Insulator type S2 (ID=2)
Insulator type S3   (ID=3)
Insulator type S4 (ID=4)

The following picture shows one pair of insulators from the range of available models.


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