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  Curling Irons Resist.

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Our company produces a wide and complete range of Thermoelectric Steatite resistances specially designed for use with Hair-curling devices. The resistances are built with a self-limiting wire designed and tested in the laboratory for a maximum working temperature of the element of between 190°C and 200°C, for obvious safety reasons. Upon request, resistances with different maximum temperatures can be built and supplied.

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Our products are characterized by the fast speed with which they reach the working temperature, making them particularly appreciated by the professionals of the sector.

The dimensions of our standard products are perfectly compatible with the dimensions of the hair-curling devices currently present on the market. 

However, variations on the diameters and lengths of the elements are possible depending on the customer’s specifications and needs.The length of the wires can also be varied upon customer request. 

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Model Element
Ø x Lenght


Power For Irons
with Ø
FER1 7.5x88 mm 115/230V 17W 9
FER1.1 8.5x90 mm 115/230V 17W 11
LIZ6 10x80 mm 115/230V 23W for 
FER2 11x100 mm 115/230V 23W 13
FER4 14x90 mm 115/230V 23W 16
FER3 16x90 mm 115/230V 23W 18
FER22 19.5x90 mm 115/230V 30W 22
FER22.8 22.5x90 mm 115/230V 30W 25

Our Products have been certified by the International Agency Signal Nemko. 
In the following table it is possible to display the relative documentation. 


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